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the_piano_bar's Journal

The Piano Bar
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~*~*~*~Welcome to~*~*~*~

The Piano Bar

Mission: This community was created as a fun place to discuss my new passion: rock/alternative/metal/punk music. Okay, I'll admit it, It's also a place where I can find out about new bands and artists to check out. This community is female friendly. That means we talk about a lot of women artists, though not exclusively. We share information, graphics, concert reviews, album reviews, perceptions, favorites, ect. We talk a lot about music in our everyday life.

***The Rules***

1. No negativity towards artists. If you can't say something nice, or at least constructive, don't say it at all. Opinions are okay, bashing artists and their work is not. This includes artists outside the genre.
What's okay: I like Tori Amos' Boys for Pele better than The Beekeeper.
What's not okay: The Beekeeper sucks!!

2. No negativity towards other members of this community. Deal with problems like adults.

3. Put large posts of text and posts with pictures much larger than icon size behind a LJ cut. Don't know how to cut? Go to the top of your LJ window. Go to "Help", then "FAQ". Scroll down to "Journal Entries". The seventh link says "How do I use an lj-cut? What are the other Live-journal specific tags?" Click on this link. Read. Need help? Feel free to ask.

4. Do not take someone else's created graphic from this community unless they say you can. People put work into them, let's respect that.

5. No pictures or graphics that are not work safe are allowed. If you are unsure, it is better not to post that particular image.

6. No hotlinking to graphics that members of this community have posted. It's not a nice thing to do. Not sure what hotlinking is and how to avoid it? Feel free to ask. Not sure how to properly take a picture/image? Not sure how to properly post an image without hotlinking? Again, feel free to ask.

7. Being a women friendly community means we don't typically want to talk about artist whose work is anti-women.

8. We don't want to discuss pop, country, rap, or any other type of music that is not classified as rock/alternative/metal/punk. Nothing against those genres, I like a lot of artists within them myself, but let's keep this community to the original genres of music.

9. Use proper English. nEt SpK lIk dIs IsnT OkY.

10. No spamming of any kind will be allowed.

11. Promotion of other LJ communities will be allowed, as long as those communities are related to the topic of rock/metal/alternative/punk music. No promotion of personal journals will be allowed. If you want to introduce yourself, feel free to use the Survey for New Members below.

As we are a new community, these rules may be changed at any time. A community post will be made in the event of a rule change. Joining this community means that you agree to the rules I have set out. If you don't like the rules, there are other communities for you.

Questions? Problems? Concerns? Ideas? Comment to Aryn the Mod at (oceanfish) or email her at arynzfyre@yahoo.com

Survey for New Members (Optional):
Are you new to The Piano Bar? After you've read our guidelines and rules, fill out this survey and post it *behind an LJ cut!* so we can get to know you better. We'll put your survey in the memories section of this journal so we can easily find it. :)

1. What can we call you?

2. Where did you find this community?

3. Why did you join this community?

4. What's in your CD player right now?

5. What are some of your favorite bands/artists in the rock/alternative/metal genres?

6. Why do you like these bands/artists so much?

7. What is one of your favorite lyrics from one of these artists that describes you or your life in some way?

8. What are some of your favorite bands/artists not in the rock/alternative/metal genres?

9. Tell us something random and fun about yourself.

10. Have you read our rules?