edenssixthday (edenssixthday) wrote in the_piano_bar,

1. What can we call you?
Anything you want as long as I get called for dinner. Oops, sorry -- bad joke that I inherited from my mother! Call me Sam.

2. Where did you find this community?
In the girlmusic community.

3. Why did you join this community?
I dig chick music and always have. The other day, I was thinking back upon the music I listened to as a child -- my dad's old country & western music. I realized that even back then, as a little kid, it was the women country singers that I dug the most -- June Carter Cash, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Linda Ronstadt, Patsy Cline, Tanya Tucker, and so on. And besides, it's my opinion that women who rock ... well, they rock!

4. What's in your CD player right now?
Jem - "Finally Woken" (currently my favorite CD -- and has been for months and months and months on end)

5. What are some of your favorite bands/artists in the rock/alternative/metal genres?
Always and forever Kate Bush. Jem, Daughter Darling, One Dove/Dot Allison, Sneaker Pimps, Cocteau Twins/This Mortal Coil/Elizabeth Frasier, Martha Davis/The Motels, Goldfrapp, Esthero, Emiliana Torrini, Paula Cole, Hooverphonic, Frou Frou/Imogen Heap, Sarah Fimm, Portishead, Faith & The Muse, Over the Rhine, Texas, Sarah McLachlan, Tara MacLean, In Tua Nua, Kosheen, Baxter, Stevie Nicks, Ani DiFranco, and depending on my mood, Tori Amos. I know I'm forgetting a bunch, too. I should probably name a few male artists, too: Peter Gabriel, Duran Duran and Wolfsheim and any "old" U2 (i.e., pre-Joshua Tree music such as Boy, War, October, etc.)

6. Why do you like these bands/artists so much?
It would take too long to get into why I like each one of them. I'd say that sometimes it's because I like their unique style of music/lyrics/vocals (e.g., Kate Bush, Martha Davis). Sometimes I find that their music/lyrics/vocals strike something in me so I feel I "connect" with them (e.g., Sarah McLachlan, Tara MacLean, Paul Cole). Sometimes, it's simply that I find their music/lyrics/vocals to be so haunting and beautiful that I don't ever want to stop listening (e.g., Daughter Darling, One Dove). Sometimes, it's because it's simply some of the best damn music I've ever heard (e.g., Jem, Sneaker Pimps, "old" U2).

7. What is one of your favorite lyrics from one of these artists that describes you or your life in some way?
Sarah McLachlan: There's no hope in regretting. -- "Mercy"

8. What are some of your favorite bands/artists not in the rock/alternative/metal genres?
Johnny Cash! Patsy Cline! Oh, and this one's going to get me slammed against the wall and smacked around, and my husband (an alternative DJ) is ashamed of me every time I say this, but I have always, and always will love ... okay, are you ready??? Wilson Phillips. Yep. Oh, and Neil Diamond, too, as long as I'm listing totally uncool music. :-) I'm still, after all these years, really into a lot of alternative '80s bands, as well, although most of them would probably fit into the "rock/alternative" genre, I s'pose.

9. Tell us something random and fun about yourself.
I have webbed toes.

10. Have you read our rules?
Yes, I have.
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