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The Piano Bar

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4/20/06 12:45 pm - girl_in_blue - Wears the Trousers magazine

wears the trousers issue three out now… 80+ pages of musical goodness – download it for FREE!

featuring interviews with Neko Case, The Pipettes, The Organ, Bic Runga, Marissa Nadler, Emm Gryner, Terri Walker, The Rogers Sisters, Dévics, The Chalets and Elin Ruth + a look back at the career of kd lang

you can also add the magazine's livejournal at:


3/21/06 12:02 pm - oceanfish

Okay, yeah, I know this concert was a rediculously long time ago, but considering how much I've been listening to Fiona lately, I thought I would post a quick comment/overview.

December 4th Fiona show, Chicago.

As far as I could piece together, the setlist was as follows:
Get Him Back (Fiona at piano)
Better Version of Me (piano)
Shadowboxer (piano)
To Your Love (piano)
I Know (Fiona standing at microphone)
Sleep to Dream (standing)
Limp (standing)
Paper Bag (standing)
Tymps (standing)
Oh Well (piano)
On The Bound (piano)
Red, Red, Red (standing)
Not About Love (piano)
O'Sailor (piano)
Get Gone (piano)
Fast As You Can (standing)

Extraordinary Machine (standing)
Criminal (standing)
Parting Gift (at piano, alone on stage)

Thanks to storytellerslie for confirming the setlist in fiona_fans. Fiona was *AMAZING*. Her voice was tentative at first, but gained strength really quickly. Especially during some of her more angry songs (think Limp). I was amazed by the way her voice could change from growly and angry to crystal clear. She also has an amazing range to her voice. Her band sounded wonderful, too.

I am so thankful I got to go to this concert. :) Everyone should check out Fiona's iTunes Originals, btw. She's really funny and adorable when she talks about the songs.

11/25/05 04:05 pm - softdistortion_ - New, and bored, so...that leads to survey

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10/23/05 10:39 am - oceanfish

A few quick things:

I have a shout out on my personal journal asking for ideas for songs to put on a mix I'm making. If you have a minute, please take a lot at it and leave me suggestions. I would really love to get some more music on the tracklist. :)

Has anyone heard of Megan McCauley? She's a wind-up artist, with Seether and Evanescence, and her stuff's amazing. I'm trying to find out information regarding what music she has out. I thought she was supposed to come out with an album about a month ago, but I don't think that happened. All I know is she has music on the Electra and Fantastic Four sountracks. If you haven't heard her stuff, check it out, it's great. I'm looking forward to hearing more. Her website's meganmccauley.com.

And last, but certainly not least, I know this list has been somewhat dead as of late. I wanted to ask again for ideas to up our membership. I'm probably going to start posting on some recruiting communities, but if any of you are on lists of your own, please feel free to plug us as long as it's okay with the community rules. I'm also going to make an effort to post more. It would be great if the rest of you did the same. I would love to hear what y'all are listening to. :)

Speaking of music I'm listening to....anyone who reads my journal by now probably knows that I'm completely obsessed with Fiona Apple. I'm seeing her on December 4th and will post a concert review. I feel she fits into the alternative/rock genre, so if no one has any serious objections, I'm going to add her to our "interests" list. :) I'm really feeling the Frou Frou album I got a couple of weeks ago too. Oooohh....I wanted to ask, does anyone have information on Imogen Heap? She seems really cool, but I am unable to find any solid information about how to get her album here in the states. Has anyone heard of her and know what's up?


7/23/05 07:01 pm - dah_peanut - current music

Hey all,
I haven't listened to a lot of new music lately, but here are some of the songs I like:
Lyla - Oasis CD: Don’t Believe The Truth
Breathe - Anna Nalick

Ok this is new for me. Normally I'm not into Christian rock, but this is a wicked awesome expection. His name is Jeremy Camp. My sis actually found out about him before I did and really enjoyed his music, too. Check out his website. He's got a killer voice. http://www.jeremycamp.com/home.html

Hmm. No for something completely difference. I heard Disturbed is coming out with a new album called Two Thousand Fists. I've really enjoyed the way Disturbed has evolved as a band. They just keep getting better and better. They are one of the few hard rock bands that talk about real issues like religious conflict for example and have kick ass lyrics to boot. They're not a Staind clone that just yells and screams about how much their life sucks. Newsflash: everyones life sucks some times... For those bands that get big, that gig fades fast because well, how can life such so much when your are shelling in the dough??? ahh, maybe I'm being too critical, all that money could be problematic and such. :-P hey i love heavy metal and rock, I just wish there were mpore innovative bands. For example, U2 has managed to span over two decades because they reinvent themselves. People want fresh music, a new style, while still managing to retain a core sound for the group. You listen to a song from any era of U2, and you just know it's U2. But, they have taken on rap (ex. Numb), covers (unchained meolody) - their portrayal of that song kinda has some country influences in it too, extravagant pop (discoteque), beautiful ballads (with or without you, one - which both seem timeless), rock (the fly)... gosh the list goes on. Take a hint new bands of america! Try new genres and experiment! There is an instance when reinventing yourself can go horribly wrong: Kenny Wayne Shepherd (KWS for short). Unless you are into blues, you might not heard of this fine musician. He is (or at least was) an amazing guitarist. Sometimes, I'd catch myself drooling at a concert because I was just "wowed" by his great guitar solo... or I was looking at his lead singer Noah Hunt, which is quite the hot charismatic type... ahhh. :-P Getting back to the story, KWS sold 3 sweet blues albums with unbelieveable concerts as well. BUT, the fourth album came around. Here are the problems I have with it: 1. He went rock.. no more blues. If you didn't know who he was, you would have never been able to recognize that he used to be a blues guitarist. Also, Noah Hunt does not seem to be lead vocals anymore. KWS sings almost all the songs and it simply sounds weak in comparison to Noah. Noah sings ONLY 2 songs and does back up for a couple. It's a slap in the face to do that to such a phenomenal singer. It was so sad to listen to... he really sold out on this one. He even has a song on the album called "ain't sellin out." gimme a break. I think he got some wrong advice on this album. I hope for KWS and all the fans out there that KWS learns his lesson and goes back to the blues. It's cool to change your style, but he has a gift right there and shouldn't waste it.

ahhh... i wish I could be in the music world. I think it would be such a blast to be a CD reviewer or band interviewer. but you need connections for that... anyone got any connections??

Also, for those of you who have not heard of this band, you need to check them out. Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. One of my favortie bands. In fact, they are the only band that I have seen 11 times in concert. That's dedication. The website is www.stephenkellogg.com. The CDs are great, but they are 100X better live. Try to check them out in concert. I guarantee that you are going to enjoy it and most likely get a laugh or two out of it. They are some fun guys.

wow, that was a music rant! I hope you enjoyed it.

7/23/05 11:32 am - oceanfish

Heads up - Liz Phair

I found out today that Liz Phair has a new album coming out on October 4th. It's called Somebody's Miracle.

She's going to be in Chicago for Lollapalooza this afternoon, then is doing a small acoustic tour.


So what is everyone listening to right now?

- Aryn

7/10/05 06:12 pm - edenssixthday

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7/5/05 08:26 pm - oceanfish - Housekeeping

Hey everybody,

I want to begin promoting this community more agressively. I would love to see it become more active, yay! First off, does anyone have any ideas for me about promoting this community? I'm already going to make a few more posts in music communities that I'm a member of, as well as a promo community I've been watching. Does anyone have any ideas beyond this?

Also, does anyone have any ideas for the community in general? Ideas about things to talk about, things that we can do that would be cool for the community? I totally welcome ideas.

If you have ideas, feedback, et.al. for me, please feel free to comment to this entry, or to email me at arynzfyre@yahoo.com.


- Aryn the Hopeful Mod. :)

7/2/05 01:02 pm - oceanfish

Hey everyone,

I know this community has been dead of late. I'm going to make a post in the very near future to discuss how we can change that and get this community up and running. :)

Right now, though, I was wondering if anyone was reading stuff about the Live 8 concerts that are going on around the world today? Or even watching it on AOL? Bands like Green Day and Coldplay, in addition to dozens of others, are all involved. If you haven't already, check out information at:


Also, for more information, please check out http://www.one.org


5/16/05 06:49 pm - little_elf_girl - Liz Phair and Green Day

First I would like to concur on the awesomeness of Liz Phair in general. Second I would like to state that I have tickets to not one tour date on the latest Green Day tour, but two!!! I'm going August 10th with Oceanfish and August 19th with my cousin's wife. The second date is in my hometown of Houston and I have standing room aka pit tickets so we'll see how that one goes!!!

much much excitement to be had by all!!

also, I found Anywhere But Home by Evanescence (Oceanfish-did I spell that right?) for 10 bucks yesterday!
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