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Hey all,
I haven't listened to a lot of new music lately, but here are some of the songs I like:
Lyla - Oasis CD: Don’t Believe The Truth
Breathe - Anna Nalick

Ok this is new for me. Normally I'm not into Christian rock, but this is a wicked awesome expection. His name is Jeremy Camp. My sis actually found out about him before I did and really enjoyed his music, too. Check out his website. He's got a killer voice. http://www.jeremycamp.com/home.html

Hmm. No for something completely difference. I heard Disturbed is coming out with a new album called Two Thousand Fists. I've really enjoyed the way Disturbed has evolved as a band. They just keep getting better and better. They are one of the few hard rock bands that talk about real issues like religious conflict for example and have kick ass lyrics to boot. They're not a Staind clone that just yells and screams about how much their life sucks. Newsflash: everyones life sucks some times... For those bands that get big, that gig fades fast because well, how can life such so much when your are shelling in the dough??? ahh, maybe I'm being too critical, all that money could be problematic and such. :-P hey i love heavy metal and rock, I just wish there were mpore innovative bands. For example, U2 has managed to span over two decades because they reinvent themselves. People want fresh music, a new style, while still managing to retain a core sound for the group. You listen to a song from any era of U2, and you just know it's U2. But, they have taken on rap (ex. Numb), covers (unchained meolody) - their portrayal of that song kinda has some country influences in it too, extravagant pop (discoteque), beautiful ballads (with or without you, one - which both seem timeless), rock (the fly)... gosh the list goes on. Take a hint new bands of america! Try new genres and experiment! There is an instance when reinventing yourself can go horribly wrong: Kenny Wayne Shepherd (KWS for short). Unless you are into blues, you might not heard of this fine musician. He is (or at least was) an amazing guitarist. Sometimes, I'd catch myself drooling at a concert because I was just "wowed" by his great guitar solo... or I was looking at his lead singer Noah Hunt, which is quite the hot charismatic type... ahhh. :-P Getting back to the story, KWS sold 3 sweet blues albums with unbelieveable concerts as well. BUT, the fourth album came around. Here are the problems I have with it: 1. He went rock.. no more blues. If you didn't know who he was, you would have never been able to recognize that he used to be a blues guitarist. Also, Noah Hunt does not seem to be lead vocals anymore. KWS sings almost all the songs and it simply sounds weak in comparison to Noah. Noah sings ONLY 2 songs and does back up for a couple. It's a slap in the face to do that to such a phenomenal singer. It was so sad to listen to... he really sold out on this one. He even has a song on the album called "ain't sellin out." gimme a break. I think he got some wrong advice on this album. I hope for KWS and all the fans out there that KWS learns his lesson and goes back to the blues. It's cool to change your style, but he has a gift right there and shouldn't waste it.

ahhh... i wish I could be in the music world. I think it would be such a blast to be a CD reviewer or band interviewer. but you need connections for that... anyone got any connections??

Also, for those of you who have not heard of this band, you need to check them out. Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. One of my favortie bands. In fact, they are the only band that I have seen 11 times in concert. That's dedication. The website is www.stephenkellogg.com. The CDs are great, but they are 100X better live. Try to check them out in concert. I guarantee that you are going to enjoy it and most likely get a laugh or two out of it. They are some fun guys.

wow, that was a music rant! I hope you enjoyed it.
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